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At One Stop Car Sales we offer a layaway plan.  This is something unique to One Stop Car Sales.  In other words, if we ask you for a $1,000 down payment and you don't have a thousand dollars, you may place the car on layaway.

By paying $300 today, it's parked in the back, marked as sold, and you come in each week and pay what we've decided your weekly payment will be, whether it's $65 a week or $95 a week.  You make that payment, and once you've reached the thousand dollars and meet the insurance requirements, you can pick up your car.

The Layaway Plan is kind of like a savings plan.  If you bring the money in, it's money not in your pocket and you won't be tempted to spend it.  If you're like us, if you have it in your pocket, you'll spend it even if it's for something you don't need.

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Another good reason for a layaway plan is, if we've got the specific vehicle you want today, no matter what it is, you want it, by paying $300 today it's yours, no one else can buy it, no one else can even test drive it.

It's just another program we offer that no other car dealers offer, that gives you time to come up with the money and you don't have to worry about the car you want being bought by someone else.

If you have questions about our layaway program, we encourage you to call us and come by to spend time with us so we can explain our entire layaway program.



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